Saturday, 16 July 2016

Gratitude is a Great Attitude

Today, I would like to express gratitude for everything that I've got and been through. I just feel like I  need to do that. Just saying it out loud in my mind, make me feel refresh and anew.

Despite of my hurtful experiences being in a bad relationship, I am so grateful today for having someone who really appreciates me.

Despite of not having kids on my own, I am grateful for having the chance to feel how to carry a mother's responsibility.

Despite of being the main supporter for my new life, I've got someone I can rely on helping me doing the house chores.

Despite of not having an entirely big house that I've dream of, I'm blessed for having a small home to share my life with someone I love.

Despite of the fact that I can no longer receive the holy communion for now, God is always presence in my thoughts every second of my life. I get the assurance that He is with me, and telling me to be strong.

A thankful heart is a happy heart.

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